It is the vision of The Naomi Project to reach into the lives of hurting women and children who are homeless and victims of Domestic Abuse, who have been dropped and abandoned by the system and change their lives from the place of desolation to the place of destiny.

Domestic Abuse has become an ever-growing problem in the framework of the American family. It is our purpose to answer the call of hurting homeless victims and provide them a safe-haven, where they will not only heal but recover and flourish. The Naomi Project reaches into the lives of homeless women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. The Naomi Project provides victims and their children with long-term housing that is safe and void of verbal, physical, psychological and sexual abuse. In addition, The Naomi Project seeks to help victims develop independence through emotional and psychological healing and obtaining educational and financial stability.

It is the goal of The Naomi Project to provide long term transitional housing coupled with educational, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual training, which will enable the victim(s) of domestic abuse to become self-reliant, self-actualized, and self-sufficient.

Statement about purpose and history
Every 9 seconds a woman is abused. In the United States, 3.3 million children live in abusive homes. Often women and children leave the abuser and go to a crisis shelter for 30-60 days; however, they have few options for safe and affordable housing after their time is over at the shelter. Unfortunately, these families are forced to return to an abusive environment. Giving them the opportunity to come to The Naomi Project will empower them to gain knowledge, self-esteem and independence to break the cycle of violence.

The Naomi Project exists in mission to change the lives of homeless families going through domestic abuse after making the choice not to return to their abusers. In the state of South Carolina, we have observed helplessly as victims are forced to return to the abusive relationships for financial security, lack of jobs, and other skills necessary to lead a self-sufficient life. In the Bible, the Book of Ruth tells of Naomi, who guided Ruth to become a strong woman who eventually owned the fields she gleaned in. The Naomi Project provides basic needs (shelter and clothing) and support to help the victim become a fully independent, contributing member of the community.

The Naomi Project opened its doors in July 2006, as a result of unmet long-term needs of homeless victims and their children affected and impacted by domestic abuse. We are a long term (one year) transitional housing facility located in Florence, South Carolina. There are only 2 other facilities in the state that specialize in long-term housing for domestic abuse victims. The facilities location provide access to seven counties identified as the Pee Dee. The Pee Dee is the most economically challenged area in South Carolina with the highest rate of unemployment to date.

Scope of Organizational programs and activities
The Naomi Project is designed to address traditional and non-traditional problems faced by homeless victims. For up to one year, we provide a comprehensive approach to helping homeless domestic violence victims. First, we provide a safe environment free from violence. Second, we provide supportive services such as counseling, coaching, encouragement, transportation, tutoring, financial planning and life skills. The advanced end of our program helps client establish independence. They learn to rely on themselves, through educational and employment opportunities.